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Bonnie is a “Jersey Girl”, born and raised, and graduated from Rutgers College. On a whim, she and her family took a road trip...
NMLS# 175843

Bonnie O'Brien

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
Phone: 919-578-5557
Courtney is Loan Consultant in Apex, NC, and the surrounding areas. Born and raised in Fayetteville, NC, she is a military brat and an...
NMLS# 1995836

Courtney Shortt

Phone: 919-726-4086
Courtney has always had an affinity for helping people. She started her career in marketing and created a database 20 years ago. She was...
NMLS# 336878

Courtney Hamlett

Loan Officer
Phone: (919) 589-2447
Pablo has lived in Arizona for over twenty-five years and has served as a Mortgage Loan Officer for over twenty-one years. He attended The...
NMLS# 510519

Pablo Valdez

Loan Officer
Phone: (480) 672-2712
Brian obtained his degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing. After finishing college, he...
NMLS# 140676

Brian Morris

Loan Officer
Johnnie comes from a dual veteran family and was raised in Texas. After graduating from Tarleton State University with his degree in Manufacturing Engineering,...
NMLS# 2152773

Johnnie Yellock

Loan Officer
Phone: 919-726-4392
Chris’s pathway to the mortgage industry started with an innocent game of Monopoly! While facing off against several friends who were attorneys and real...
NMLS# 716331

Chris Hutchison

Loan Officer
Phone: (919) 367-5060
Rachel is a born and raised Charloteean and, like most of her family, attended UNC Charlotte, where she achieved both a Bachelor’s and Master’s...
NMLS# 2034863

Rachel McManimen

Phone: 919-726-4223
I have been a loan officer since 2008.  I love my job and strive to treat every customer as if they are my only...
NMLS# 91925

Maylon Fowler

Loan Officer
Phone: 919-249-4126
Traci was born and raised in Lincolnton, NC. The path to her career is an interesting one. After doing a construction loan for her...
NMLS# 45092

Traci Dellinger

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
Phone: 704-736-1101
Amy began her career in mortgage banking back in the 1990s when she discovered her passion for taking the “business” out of the transaction and helping...
NMLS# 106455

Amy Bonis

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
Phone: 919-230-2985
Dakota joins GoPrime as our newest loan originator, transferring to our team with over 10 years of experience in the real estate industry working...
NMLS# 1976127

Dakota Adams

Loan Officer
Phone: 561-453-1928
Connie Epperson has been working in finance for over forty years. She started as a credit manager for a lumber yard in Nevada. While...
NMLS# 302520

Connie Epperson

Loan Officer
Phone: 541-492-1153
As a native New Yorker Elaine relocated to North Carolina over 22 years ago. She got involved in the real estate and mortgage industry...
NMLS# 1028715

Elaine Rios

Loan Officer
Phone: 919-249-4128
Jamie is a fifth generation Montanan and grew up in Great Falls. Her parents instilled in her a competitive and honest work ethic which continues...
NMLS# 1192115

Jamie Rainey

Loan Officer
Lauren comes from a family ingrained in the housing industry: both of her parents are actually real estate agents! After years of watching their...
NMLS# 2302706

Lauren Franklin

Loan Officer
Phone: 919-589-8602
I was born and raised in Nauvoo, Alabama. After graduating from Lynn High School in 1992, I attended UAB and finished my degree in 1995. I...
NMLS# 259441

Leigh Ann Stewart

Loan Officer
German is a Loan Officer working out of the GoPrime Chandler, Arizona branch. Through various roles including, loan officer assistant, disclosure specialist, and sales...
NMLS# 1656093

German Aragon

Loan Officer
Phone: (480) 672-2708
Brian has served as a Mortgage Loan Officer for over fourteen years and is a native of Virginia. He attended Fork Union Military Academy in...
NMLS# 497470

Brian McFarlane

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
Phone: 757-707-8480
Renee had worked in the banking industry for 10 years before deciding to pursue a career as a mortgage loan officer. From humble beginnings...
NMLS# 1248751

Renee Deal

Loan Officer
Phone: (919) 297-2917
Originally from Dallas, Texas, Calvin has called North Carolina home for almost three decades. Calvin is an Army veteran and went into retail finance...
NMLS# 71062

Calvin Preston III

Loan Officer
Lynn O’Neal has been in the mortgage industry for close twenty years. She owned and operated her own brokerage before joining GoPrime in 2014....
NMLS# 69998

Lynn O'Neal

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
Phone: 919-562-2311
Growing up with a penchant for crunching numbers, when Danny learned from a family member about being a loan officer he knew it was...
NMLS# 115481

Danny Davis

Loan Officer
Phone: 919-447-3377 ext. 375
Jerromy has called Alabama home his entire life. His familiarity with the state, close relationships with the people, and almost two decades of experience...
NMLS# 1124393

Jerromy Downey

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
Phone: 205-495-0313
Mike and his team pride themselves on open, transparent communication and quick turn times to create a seamless transaction that gives each client a...
NMLS# 1601270

Mike Foschi

Loan Officer
Phone: (919) 572-9955
Javont is a native of Detroit, Michigan and called Motown home until 1994 when he enlisted in the United States Navy. While active, he...
NMLS# 2058293

Javont Whitt

Loan Officer
Jim is a retired Soldier with twenty-two years of service. In addition to his Army career, Jim is a graduate of Northwestern State University...
NMLS# 1099198

Jim Bussey, USA Ret.

Loan Officer
Phone: 919-343-1300
Chris has been in the mortgage world since 2005. He is a graduate of The University of North Carolina, Wilmington with a degree in...
NMLS# 86245

Chris McLaurin

Loan Officer
Phone: 919-249-4130
I started my career in the mortgage industry in 2006. Since then, our industry has changed tremendously. I’ve had the opportunity to originate loans...
NMLS# 271203

Caroline Roy

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
Phone: 406-624-6330
George Chipouras has been a leader in home mortgage finance industry for over 14 years. Originally from Annapolis, Maryland, George attended Annapolis High School...
NMLS# 70015

George Chipouras

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
Phone: 919-329-2599
Tyler graduated from Campbell University in Buies Creek, North Carolina with a degree in Business Administration. Tyler has a knack for connecting with people....
NMLS# 2080651

Tyler Porter

Loan Officer
With almost twenty years in the mortgage business and over two-thirds of that time spent directly with GoPrime, Jason has just the experience you...
NMLS# 266806 (

Jason York

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
Phone: 757-537-5314
David Fitts has been serving the public for over forty years. He began his professional career by joining the U.S. Marine Corps and retired...
NMLS# 71294

David Fitts

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
Phone: 704-968-7356
Yvonne understands your time is precious.  Before becoming a mortgage loan officer, she enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom.  She drove endless carpools and watched...
NMLS# 2135680

Yvonne Williams

Loan Officer
Phone: 406-434-6703
Donella has lived in Oregon her entire life. She began her career in finance in 1997 to set an example for her three daughters...
NMLS# 229800

Donella Fugate

Loan Officer
Phone: 541-492-1151
Steve has lived in the Cary/Apex area since 1975 and seen the dramatic changes to the market first hand – from a sleepy little...
NMLS# 90307

Steve Cooper

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
Brent believes in providing clients with the highest quality financial solutions available in today’s market.  As a local lender, his aim is to build...
NMLS# 1027607

Brent Mullins

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
Phone: 919.343.1301
Rob comes to GoPrime with more than 20 years in the computer storage space helping clients achieve business growth and success. He witnessed the...
NMLS# 2230763

Robert McCarroll

Loan Officer
Phone: 984-246-5161
Although Parker was born in Colorado, he has always had personal ties to North Carolina. Both of his grandmothers lived in North Carolina, and...
NMLS# 2270362

Parker Knudsen

Loan Officer
Phone: 828-348-1907
With 23 years of experience in loan origination and practicing law, Randy comes to GoPrime with a wealth of knowledge. His vast legal and...
NMLS# 571822

Randy Kopf

Loan Officer
Phone: 561-221-6237
It is not easy to find the right individual who is experienced and knows the ropes when it comes to the in’s and out’s...
NMLS# 78390

Angela Bartholomew

Loan Officer
Phone: 919-329-2599
Jenny started in the mortgage industry after she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Economics and...
NMLS# 107909

Jenny Boucher

Loan Officer
Phone: (919) 367-5053
Andy grew up in Greenville, NC and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Economics. He has been...
NMLS# 69911

Andy Holloman

Loan Officer
“GoPrime Mortgage will provide complete, inclusive mortgage solutions that are educational, transparent, honest and sincere.” After graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz...
NMLS# 667077

Zachery Adam

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
Phone: 828-348-1943
Daniel grew up with a father who was passionate about his work in the mortgage industry as it gave him a sense of pride...
NMLS# 1976617

Daniel Miller

Loan Officer
Phone: 919-447-3377
As the Branch Manager of Cornerstone Residential Mortgage, Sonya utilizes her over 20 years of mortgage experience to provide individualized service to each of...
NMLS# 67830

Sonya Simpson

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
Phone: 828-650-9422
Tim Anders, Loan Officer at Cornerstone Residential Mortgage, puts customer needs first and foremost. Tim spent a number of years in the Navy which...
NMLS# 397073

Tim Anders

Loan Officer
Phone: 828-650-9422
Adam grew up on Long Island, NY and has been working in the mortgage industry for 15 years. He relishes helping first-time homebuyers find...
NMLS# 294053

Adam R. Cohn

Branch Manager/Loan Officer
Phone: 561-453-1495
Let Michael help you to your new home. A mortgage and loan professional for more than 8 years, Michael is also a Deputy Sheriff...
NMLS# 147342

Michael F. Gray II

Loan Officer
Darrell credits his interest in the mortgage industry to growing up in a family who was heavily involved in the housing business growing up....
NMLS# 19206

Darrell Sparks

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
Phone: 859-260-1904
With 35 years in the mortgage industry, I have a passion for empowering you to feel the real pride that comes with homeownership. From...
NMLS# 153509

Melba D. McKinnon

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
Phone: 229-349-6745
Jose recognized a need in his community for an honest, reputable, and involved professional to help people find their way home. He wanted to experience...
NMLS# 1667525

Jose Valadez

Loan Officer
Michael Chavez is an Arizona native and works out of the GoPrime Chandler branch, located in Maricopa County. He has been in the financial...
NMLS# 176473

Michael Chavez

Loan Officer, Southwest Area Manager
Phone: (480) 672-2707
With 25 years of experience in Mortgage and Finance, Curt brings a wealth of experience to your next home loan.  Curt began his career...
NMLS# 238739

Curt Sandfort

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
Phone: 541-492-1154
I have been involved with Real Estate and Mortgages for over a decade and currently serve as GoPrime Mortgage’s Director of National Sales. As...
NMLS# 1894076

Kevin Neely

Director of National Sales
Phone: (919) 355-6148

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