Amy Bonis

Amy Bonis

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
NMLS #106455
Office: 919-230-2985
Mobile: 919-414-4430
Serving in FL, GA, NC, SC, VA
Branch: Raleigh

Meet Amy

Amy began her career in mortgage banking back in the 1990s when she discovered her passion for taking the “business” out of the transaction and helping people to realize their dream of financial independence. Since her start her enthusiasm has only grown, as has her business. Amy is now one of the top Loan Officers in the country.  

 A large part of Amy’s success is embraced by her ability to inspire her clients, educate them on different programs, and help them to find the right mortgage for them to reach their financial goals. She always encourages having a plan in place for the future. Amy helps to teach mortgages as a tool to utilize to save money and help fund retirement and family planning. She comes equipped with a talented team behind her that take the time to learn about you and teach you about the different products on the market to help make an informed decision.  

Amy is analytical, creative, and very people oriented. She will always be up front and honest during your time working together. She is a frequent guest on the radio show, “It’s Your Money” and has been featured for her advice on local television stations. She also conducts workshops throughout North Carolina at WRAL, Glaxo, Rex Hospitals, UNC Hospitals, General Electric, Wake Technical Community College and various other organizations. She is certified in North Carolina as a Wealth Coach and is a motivational speaker through the NC Saves program.  

Aside from her passion for mortgage and wealth management, Amy and her husband share of deep love of helping animals and the environment. They strive to make a difference and positively change the course of the world. They live on a small horse farm with several animals and are involved with the German Shepherd Rescue. She enjoys teaching yoga, scuba diving, traveling, photography, and outdoor activities.  

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