Curt Sandfort

Curt Sandfort

Branch Manager, Loan Officer
NMLS #238739
Office: 541-492-1154
Mobile: 541-580-8583
Serving in AZ, CA, ID, NV, OR
Branch: Roseburg

Meet Curt

With 25 years of experience in Mortgage and Finance, Curt brings a wealth of experience to your next home loan.  Curt began his career in Banking, working for a consumer finance division of Norwest Bank.  While becoming an expert in personal, auto, and home equity, he discovered his true passion was Mortgages.

In 2000, Curt went to work for Accredited Home Lenders, and worked his way up the ladder to Regional Manager in the Seattle marketplace, managing a team of Outside sales reps and Internal Mortgage Processors.  In 2005, Curt pulled the ejector seat on corporate America and moved to Roseburg, Oregon and opened a retail Mortgage Brokerage.

His company quickly grew and was successful enough to survive the great recession and the huge downturn in the mortgage industry.  In 2015, his company was recognized by the Roseburg Chamber of Commerce as “Small Business of the Year”.  In 2017 Curt and his crew joined GoPrime Mortgage and are able to take advantage of partnering with a larger national lender, while offering new products, better technology and faster closings.

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