Chris Hutchison

Chris Hutchison

Loan Officer
NMLS #716331
Office: 919-367-5060
Serving in NC
Branch: Raleigh

Meet Chris

Chris’s pathway to the mortgage industry started with an innocent game of Monopoly! While facing off against several friends who were attorneys and real estate agents, he was the one who stayed out of jail in the end. He may not have taken Park Place, but he did get offered a job – on the spot! And so, the rest (since 1993), is history.

After the fateful board game night, Chris owned, managed, and produced loans at a mortgage company. Having jumped right into working as a manager as an adult, his work ethic and drive for success started young. His career grew quickly, as did his passion for people, and getting them into homes. It started with him wanting to build a better life for his own family, and the house-hunt got him excited about real estate. He wanted to learn the nuances of the business while experiencing it himself and felt strongly about passing that information on to other first-time homebuyers. He recognized what a complicated process this can come off as and wanted to be able to walk first-timers through the process in a clear and understandable way.

Chris loves meeting and working with people from different backgrounds with different aspirations. He thrives when presented with a challenge and enjoys helping homebuyers to find the right loan for their specific and personalized situation. He likes to talk through homebuying goals, explain the process, then walk with the client as they navigate the journey together.

Working directly out of the Raleigh branch of GoPrime office, Chris happily services Brunswick Beach, Oak Islands, Sunset Beach, Wilmington, and the surrounding areas. He is very proud of his two boys, who both serve in the military while raising families of their own. He and his wife have persevered through health struggles and happiness together, and love to go to the beach, surf, hike the Appalachians, and play with their two dogs Meeka and Daisy. He also is involved with the Holden Beach Turtle Patrol helping to rescue turtles.

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