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Extreme Decluttering: Is It Right for You?

December 21, 2023

We all like to declutter. Putting away the laundry, sorting through the mail pile, reorganizing that Beanie Baby collection that’s definitely going to be worth millions some day… There are few things more satisfying. In fact, there used to be a whole time of year dedicated to it: “spring cleaning,” […]

North Carolina Homebuyer Limits Update!

July 6, 2023

Starting July 3rd, new income and sales price limits have taken effect for the North Carolina 1st Home Advantage (the $15,000 DPA), Mortgage Credit Certificate, and North Carolina Home Advantage (no DPA and 3% DPA) programs.

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Loan Officer Spotlight – Shannon Sweatt

February 6, 2023

Shannon serves her customers with compassion, integrity, and tenacity. Her drive to go above and beyond her regular duties as a Loan Officer helps her clients achieve financial success within their situation and circumstances.

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