Cheers! Where to Grab Local Wine and Beer in Roseburg, Oregon

Look, we know you love your new home – and we’re happy to hear it! Don’t you think you deserve a drink for all your hard work during your move? We do. So, we pulled together a list of some of our favorite places to quench your “adult” thirst in Roseburg. Get out there and let someone else fill your glass – you’ve earned it!

HillCrest Vineyard

When guests walk into HillCrest, they have entered Oregon’s oldest estate winery, and the birthplace of the Oregon Pinot Noir. This winery takes techniques they have learned while making wine on three separate continents to produce the wines served to guests in their tasting room. From humble beginnings in 2010, Hillcrest Vineyard now produces wines from all different corners of the old world thanks to their focus on forging meaningful relationships with winemakers over the last three decades.

Paul O’Brien Winery

Two lifelong friends decided the best way to celebrate their 20 years of shared passion for fine wine, great food, and a gracious life with fellow wine lovers meant only one thing: opening their own winery. The pair met while working at the Robert Mondavi Winery in Napa Valley and have since traversed the world’s wine regions to seamlessly blend the greatest old-world traditions with new world techniques. The result is an approachable, educational experience in the finest of wine tasting.

Melrose Vineyards

Wayne Parker, who boasted a successful 20-year history of growing grapes in the San Joaquin Valley, began planting the fruits in 1996 across 82 acres of land. These grapes were originally harvested for use as raisins, and it wasn’t until the year 2000 that they received their smooth upgrade as barrels of wine. Recognizing their wine’s distinct value, the owners felt it was important to honor this. They lovingly refurbished a 100-year-old barn on the property to serve as the wine’s tasting room. In addition to showcasing a delightful array of fine wines, the winery also offers its visitors a gift shop, wine club, and catering services, among several other amenities.


Abacela is the incredible success story of two scientists with zero winemaking experience. Throwing caution to the wind, they traded stable careers for a chance to determine if Tempranillo wine could be grown and produced in Oregon. This journey took them on a wild adventure, with their kids in tow, 2,700 miles West. While this unusual pair may not have been the first to wonder, they were definitely the first team to approach the art of winemaking with scientific rigor: carefully forming a hypothesis and devoting their lives to testing its efficacy. With much success, Abacela now serves a wide variety of wines in their tasting room, as well as a delicious selection of food items to nibble on. There’s even an allowance for dogs to enjoy tasty treats, provided they behave well on a leash!

Reustle Prayer Rock Vineyards

Leaving their lucrative marketing careers, Stephen and Gloria Reustle mapped out 40 acres of vineyards and began to craft their dream. During their first year, they made a total of 5,000 bottles. They now offer a unique wine tasting experience with options: guests can choose to swish their palates in the Grand Hall or in one of their three Catacomb Tasting Rooms. The Reustle experience includes tasting wines paired with an appetizer. Guests are also placed with a wine educator to provide insight into each wine and answer additional questions. (Yes, there really is a prayer rock on the campus, at the top of the south-facing slope. This rock marks the special place where Stephen and his son would meet each morning, diligently praying for the vineyard’s blessing.)

Cooper Ridge Vineyard

This family-owned winery is located in the heart of the Umpqua Valley in Southern Oregon. The 25-acre vineyard was first established in 2008 with a goal of creating limited production, premium wines, but their success was hard to keep a secret. In the tasting room, guests can sample a variety of reds and whites, along with something to eat from their charming small plates menu.

Two Shy Brewing

This brewery gets its name from the early days of beer brewing for Lyle and brew-buddy Paul Singleton. While bottling their beer, they found that each batch consistently reached two bottles shy of their goal. Even more hilariously, when two of their brew mates decided to pursue other ventures, Two Shy became two men shy of their original team. TSB offers an excellent foundation for building friendships with both humans and animals alike, but that’s only half the fun! Guests can expect to enjoy great food, sip some incredible suds, and enjoy local entertainment as well. Following the owners’ philosophy that good brews are best paired with good bites, the brewery invites visitors to sip a wide variety of beers while sampling a wonderful selection of menu items.

North Forty Beer Company

Guests will find plenty of flavorful, crisp beers to throw back with family and friends at North Forty Beer Company. They believe that hard work, family, and the beauty of the surrounding landscape sets the best scene for guests of all backgrounds and interests to feel right at home. In keeping with their values, they keep an impressive list of upcoming dates for making memories and meeting new friends, ranging from competitive trivia nights to live music events.

Old 99 Brewing Co

It first began in 2009, when three best friends decided to try their hand at brewing beer in a garage on Main Street. Their dream was to brew craft beer, but their impact was much greater than that: little did they know how the community would respond. Four years after their modest start, Old 99 became licensed and operational in July of 2013. Today, they pride themselves on providing a sense of togetherness, connection, and above all – dedication to the love of craft beer.

Lookingglass Brewery

Back in 2008, a retired NASA employee decided to switch gears from space missions to retirement. Like many hardworking individuals, Mark didn’t sit still for long, instead spending his time and talents on making craft beer. He purchased the equipment, built himself a workshop, and began his first batch of home brew in 2011. Over the next couple of years he enjoyed and refined many recipes. By 2015, Lookingglass officially began to commercially brew and sell kegs of their beer. The excitement surrounding this made it clear – they needed a taproom. Guests can expect to taste the fruits of Mark’s labor in this relaxed environment which is perfect for family fun, date nights, or an exciting brew-and-food truck experience.