Dog Rescue Organizations in the Raleigh Triangle

You’ve moved in and gotten settled, but your house still feels a little empty. You’ve decided it’s time to bring in a new furry family member to really make it feel like home. By choosing to rescue a dog from a shelter rather than consulting a breeder, you are giving a dog a home who may otherwise not have the opportunity. You are signing up for unconditional love and affection, while fighting back against irresponsible breeding. Inevitably, the mortgage process, moving, and life in general all come with stress factors, but your rescue dog will always be there to listen and help you unwind, with snuggles or a breath of fresh air.

The fact remains, there are simply not enough homes for all the animals born each year. Adopting a dog from a shelter helps to weaken the overpopulation cycle and reduce the number of homeless animals. After all, when you adopt from a shelter, you aren’t just saving one life, but two. Adopt, don’t shop.

German Shepherd Rescue + Adoptions

*Amy Bonis’s beloved German Shepherds, Sophie and Ringo, were adopted from this rescue!*

GSRA is a non-profit organization staffed by dedicated volunteers who are committed to offering essential care and adoption services to neglected, surrendered, or stray German Shepherds in the Raleigh, NC area (also servicing the Carolinas and Virginia). This organization was founded in 1992 and is funded mainly by donations. All dogs entering this facility receive a vet visit, rabies shot, heartworm test, and spay/neuter services.

This rescue works with shelters all over North Carolina to rehome dogs into homes full of the love and kindness they deserve. Given the size of German Shepherds, they do not put them in homes with children under the age of eight years old. The dogs all come with an implanted microchip in case of a lost pup. Each dog is temporarily placed in a local foster home until their adoption. This is a great way for rescued GSDs to receive love as they wait for their forever home, and provides an added benefit for future owners: fosters are able to paint a picture of your new dog’s temperament based on their observed behavior while in the foster’s care.

Triangle Beagle Rescue of North Carolina

The “TriBeagles” rescue has been helping to rehome these four-legged sweethearts for over 20 years with one simple goal: find great, lifelong, loving homes for as many beagles in North Carolina as possible. They operate solely out of foster homes, so the dogs never have to spend time lonely in cages. This method also ensures that all of the beagles learn the skills necessary to be successful and loving family members in their forever homes. TriBeagles is entirely volunteer-run, and all their support comes from donations and adoption fees. All funds are used to pay the large vet bills that accrue monthly.

Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue

This rescue is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding homes for golden retrievers in need. They advocate for responsible pet ownership, community education, and protection of all dogs. As of 2019, NRGRR had saved and enriched the lives of more than 4,000 dogs by placing them in loving homes. They accept any golden retriever in need of a home into their care, regardless of their age or medical conditions. They also partner with shelters to save strays and ensure these dogs are not euthanized before given a chance to find their family. The organization began in the early 1980s, and, with the help of volunteers and donors, rescues more than 200 dogs per year.

Perfectly Imperfect Pups

Affectionately referred to as PIPs, Perfectly Imperfect Pups is a foster-based rescue with no brick-and-mortar location, relying completely on volunteers to foster their animals until they find the right home. They focus on helping the most urgent pups in need: dogs with special care requirements and medical cases in and around North Carolina. Although they focus on those in need, this rescue is inclusive of all dogs, as their main purpose is to find homes for as many dogs as they can. They are passionate about educating and connecting with the community to strengthen the chance of a long-lasting, forever adoption.

Love Mutts Rescue

LMR (Love Mutts Rescue) is a non breed-specific dog rescue that serves North Carolina and Virginia. They are a nonprofit volunteer-based organization that rescues dogs in need from the surrounding communities. They provide these pups with medical care, then place them in foster homes while they await the right family. LMR hosts regular public adoption events throughout the city and generates lists of the available dogs who are wagging their tails in search of a potential connection. Originally founded to provide people with an avenue to rescue animals from shelters, LMR has evolved into a larger association that is always looking for new families to open their hearts and homes to a forever friend, or to temporarily foster.

Second Chance Pet Adoptions

Second Chance is the oldest no-kill rescue shelter in Wake County. Their mission is to champion for homeless dogs (and cats!) in their quest to find a forever home. They regularly engage with the community to promote responsible pet ownership, ultimately aiming to reduce future generations of homeless animals. Beginning with three friends in 1987, Second Chance has kept growing. They make a lifetime commitment to the animals they rescue, and they retain the option to take them back if an adoptive home can no longer keep them, assuring no animal is euthanized or left without options.

Pawfect Match Rescue + Rehabilitation

All dogs deserve a second chance at a happy and fulfilling life, regardless of their breed or age: this is the belief of Pawfect Match. They don’t try to save the masses, rather, they focus on saving just one life at a time and making them the best dog they can be before working to find them their forever homes. They take dogs into their own homes and treat them as one of the family, not a foster dog. While in their care, the organization focuses not only on crate and house training, but also teaches them basic obedience, grooms them, feeds them high-quality food, and showers them with the love and attention they deserve. This unique approach of individual TLC allows the foster parents to really get to know the dog and ultimately aids in finding them their perfect match.