Staying Stress-Free Before the Holidays

Contributed by Zachery Adam

It may seem like an impossible task. The holidays are stressful in a lot of ways and it can seem unattainable to overcome the inevitable. But we also know that managing stress is an important part of our health: mind, body and spirit. So how can you beat stress this holiday season to help you enjoy the time you spend with your friends and family? Here are some tips to keep you calm.

Practice Mindfulness

Have you ever sat down to try and meditate but all of the thoughts from your day just wouldn’t stay quiet? Quiet meditation where you try to focus only on your breathing is only one type of the practice. Another is mindfulness. This technique isn’t about trying to empty the thoughts from your head. Rather, you can allow yourself to be present with them. You can practice mindfulness when you’re doing anything, like eating or commuting. Notice what you’re doing. Experience it with all of your senses. It’s a great way to release tension and relax.

Stay in Shape

Of course, in the triad of mind, body, and spirit, attention to your physical body should have just as much importance as your mental and spiritual well-being. And here’s the great news – they are all connected. If you allow yourself to take care of your body, you’re going to feed your soul and shed some anxieties. Exercise also raises the healthy hormones that counter stress. If you feel like you just don’t have the time to dedicate to a 50-minute workout, don’t worry. Even just a few minutes at a time is valuable for your physical wellbeing.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Of course, the holidays add a new level of stress for you and your family. There are more obligations, bigger financial concerns, and society’s stress on how to do the holidays the right way. The best counter to this kind of external pressure is preparation. Take time before the holidays hit to make a plan. Consider all of the things you’ll need to get done along with what you want to do.

Consider How You Eat

Finally, the holidays can be full of rich and unhealthy temptations. But here’s the thing – depriving yourself of things you want to eat will actually just make you eat more. Make healthy choices as much as possible, but go ahead and eat that cookie or slice of pie. If you allow yourself the experience, and remain mindful, you can stop yourself from eating all the cookies or an entire pie.

What other ways can you manage your stress around the holidays? If you have financial concerns or are looking to buy a home in the new year, contact any of our amazing loan officers to learn more today.