Home Design Trends of 2023 | What’s Coming, What’s Going, and What’s Here to Stay

The interior design of a home is very much a personal choice. Everyone has their own taste, and a large draw of homeownership is having the opportunity to make a home “you.” That’s not to say there aren’t a lot of opinions out there, and opinions drive trends. Check out what new trends are growing in popularity for 2023, which trends are (thankfully) on their way out, and which are here to stay for the long run.

What’s Coming

Some trends are all about new ideas, while some involve reinventing classic styles. With an eye on cost-saving measures and eco-friendly homes, here are some decorative trend expectations for 2023.

Color in Kitchens
White kitchens have been popular at many points in history and will continue to be a popular choice for kitchen design in 2023, but recent décor is trending more colorful. An all-white theme in a kitchen creates a clean, neutral look that can also be jazzed up with bright plants and light fixtures. However, homeowners are embracing warmer tones and bold pops of color rather than the monochromatic style. Chicago designer Wendy Labrum doesn’t mince words when it comes to her prediction: “Color! Marble! We’re tired of basic and boring.” Watch for unconventional backsplashes, warm cabinet colors, and even fun pops of design with wallpaper.

Thrifting + Sustainable Design
Many parts of the world have been feeling the effects of the recession. This is putting homebuyers and decorators on a tighter budget than some are used to, but that doesn’t mean that they have to tone down their flair or miss out on fun new designs. Everything vintage is very IN for 2023. Hitting an antique shop, a secondhand store, or a flea market can find you discounted and unique pieces of art and furniture, and there is always the option to sand and refinish a piece to make it look as good as new. Even swapping out handles can give a dresser a whole new look.

Warm Colors
Whether you’re partial to neutral colors or brighter hues, warm tones are finding their stride in home design this year. Furniture, walls, tapestries, and cabinets alike, decorators can expect to see an array of warm, earthy colors in the magazines this year. Consider reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, greens, and browns – these will give your home personality and still make it a place you want to come home to at the end of the day and relax.

Eco-Conscious Homes
No one wants to talk about it, but our wallets are all a little thinner these days. Cost-saving aside, the environmental difference you can make by just making a few changes to your home can make a big difference – for the earth and for your bank account. Consider installing “smart” features like lightbulbs, thermostats, or plugs, and set them on timers. Ensure that you aren’t leaving every light in the house on when you are not in the room or think about using a backlight behind a television instead of a floor lamp. Be conscious of what temperature you keep your thermostat set to, and perhaps opt for big blankets or a fireplace instead. Additionally, expect to see many more consumers paying attention to where their furniture was made, and focusing on quality that will last for years to come instead of cheap furniture to fit the moment.

Wallpaper isn’t just seen while visiting your grandparents anymore, it’s actually one of the hottest new trends. With new products like high-quality peel and stick wallpaper, there is no fear of the strenuous labor it takes to remove, and you can mix and match colors and styles much easier. Watch for unique areas being accented with these fun pieces, like ceilings in hallways, the back of shelving, and single accent walls.

What’s Leaving

People spent much more time in their homes over the last few years than they have previously. This pushed people to “nest” and try their hand at some DIY-deco. Unfortunately, a lot of these trends have not aged well, and 2023 is waving goodbye to many of them.

Shades of Grey
Interior designer Susan Hayward of Susan Hayward Interiors says the popular gray-interior trend is slowly fading out and being replaced. “Gray interiors are on their way out, along with cool tones in general,” Hayward says. “Instead, we are going to see more pops of color, highlight walls, and warm tones taking their place.” This makes a lot of sense considering that homeowners want their house to feel like a warm and comforting place to return to, not cold and monochromatic.

Floating Shelves
Floating shelves were flying off the, well, shelves over the last couple years. Stacked and open shelving became a popular fixture found in kitchens, living rooms, offices, even bathrooms! However, this forces cold organization and minimalism (see below.) Having just one or two sculptures or books organized by color rather than interest creates a staged feel, and you want your home to be lived in.

While a minimalistic design looks clean and polished, it to some extent strips personal identity from your home. Of course, no one wants to have a house decorated by clutter and unused knick-knacks, but this cut-and-dry design feels dull, generic, and sometimes even sterile. Minimalism focuses on efficiency, but you can just as easily achieve this look with organization of items that you enjoy, and that exude your creativity and personality.

HGTV had its moment and society follow suit. Shiplap moved from an accented entryway to covering every wall in the house. The handcrafted look works well in coastal settings and beach houses, but it tends to show a lack of planning and creativity in many homes. Instead, choosing warm paint colors or fun wallpaper prints show personality and can really pull a home together.

Sliding Barn Doors
There’s no denying the attraction of sliding barn doors; they are space saving and unique to look at. However, in many applications they simply aren’t practical. Without providing true closure to a room (hello bathroom doors with three-inch gaps!) they prevent privacy, separation, and noise cancelling. Even the thickest doors don’t dampen sound, odor, or light.

What’s Here to Stay

Who has the budget to update their home every time a trend changes? Stop chasing fads and invest in classic interior design that will never go out of style. Decorate smarter, not harder.

Traditional Molding
Aside from the attraction of the sleek and sophisticated look that crown molding shows, it’s super easy to install yourself, and can add resale value to your home when you’re ready to move. Consider adding molding to the joint of walls and ceilings, behind your dining room chairs, or add large picture frame molding to your walls.

White Bedding + Towels
Not only do white linens provide a crisp and sophisticated look, but they’re easy to clean! Whether it’s mud from the soccer field or a little pesky eye makeup, you can bleach white fabrics and they look good as new. You can also use a natural baking soda and vinegar method for whitening and fabric softening. As an added bonus, white linens feel fresh and calming for you and your guests – these spas and hotels are onto something.

Neutral-Toned Hardwood Floors
Many older homes come with one big perk: natural hardwood floors. Even if they aren’t in the best shape, a simple refinishing job will make them look like they are brand new. Choosing a brown stain that isn’t too light or too dark (avoiding major red, blue, or yellow undertones) makes for a centerpiece that will flow flawlessly through your home and will match whatever décor you choose to use.

Built-In Shelving
Often found in older, historic homes, built-ins just aren’t going out of style. Some of the many benefits of having these tucked away storage options are that they help to elevate the room, make the space feel bigger, and keep your belongings organized and within reach. Whether you prefer to paint the shelving with a bright pop of color, or keep the traditional wood, built-ins are a great way to utilize space while maintaining a classy, and classic look.

You’ll see marble utilized as flooring, countertops, and backsplashes, and for good reason. Marble is one material that has been popular for centuries and continues to remain a timeless classic. The natural stone often includes unique veining and comes in many styles and colors to fit any personality. Get a stain? Try this homemade trick to get those pesky discolorations out of your statement pieces.

Decorating your home is a very exciting part of purchasing and owning a house. There are so many fun ideas to try out when you’re deciding how to make your design reflect who you are – but take it one step at a time. Figure out your decorating style, set (and stick to!) a budget, and take it one room at a time, and don’t be ashamed to call in a pro for tricky parts like electrical and plumbing.

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