Find Your Home Style Outside of Social Media Trends

In today’s day and age social media influences a lot of our decisions, including how we design our homes. It also extends beyond the reach of Facebook and Instagram— the original influencer when it comes to home design are home design television channels. There is no shortage of influencers in the home design space. They create beautiful and inspiring feeds for us to aspire to, all while promoting various brands and products. After being bombarded with these images, it is natural to expect that your home should look perfectly curated as well. How do you combine the design trends that inspire you with your own authentic style? Really examine these trends before deciding if they have a place in your home.

Goodbye Minimalism, Hello Right Sized

Minimalism is a huge trend dominating the social media space today. Everywhere you look people are promoting living with as few items as possible, or even buying a tiny home and living in 200 square feet. There is nothing wrong with minimalism if this is what naturally calls to you. However, purging three quarters of your belongings because someone else tells you that this is how you should live will leave you with regret. Focus on the right size for you. Maybe you don’t care about having a large wardrobe, but you really enjoy crafting. Prioritize what is important to you, and feel no guilt about owning the right amount of items for yourself.

Nix the Neutrals, Embrace Some Color

Instagram feeds can be found with photo after photo of whitewashed rooms devoid of any color. Although neutrals will always be a staple of interior design, color can add much needed dimension and depth to a space. Find ways to include cozy neutrals in your space along with pops of color that reflect your unique personality and vibe. 

Minimize the Box Store, Maximize Uniqueness

With so many big box stores at our convenience, it is easy to walk in and buy all the matching home decor they have to offer. However, this is a sure way to make your home seem impersonal. Don’t rush the process of decorating your house. Take time to collect treasures that truly reflect you and your family. It will feel much more authentic and inviting.

Ditch Perfectionism, Welcome Lived In

With the advent of pinterest and instagram, we see curated photos of people’s meticulously organized pantries and perfect interior design on a consistent basis. It is easy to think that people’s homes are always this neat and organized, but there is so much beyond the scope of that camera that your eye isn’t seeing. Remember that your home does not need to look like Marie Kondo just came through. Embrace a lived-in home that is warm and inviting and let go of the pressure of having your home look like a Pottery Barn Catalog.

Use social media as a tool to inspire, but remember that the images you are seeing are not completely real. It is these influencers’ jobs to have their spaces look this way and to sell you this ideal. It is not realistic for everyone to live that way. Stay authentic to your way of living and let go of perfectionism— you’ll find yourself much more content in your space.

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