Welcome to GoPrime! Meet our August 2021 new hires!

Stephen Tristal

IT Helpdesk Tech

Stephen is our newest, full-time IT Helpdesk Tech. He began working for GoPrime back in December of 2020 as a contract employee, but recently came on full-time. He has over ten years of experience in IT Support, and helping users resolve their IT issues truly is his favorite part of the job. Not only does Stephen use his IT talents at work, but he also uses them to help people in his community. He is always willing to help others in any way that he can, especially if it involves IT. Outside of work, Stephen most enjoys reading, spending time with his friends and family, learning about cryptocurrencies, and enjoying a good TV series or movie. Although he admits to them being highly nerdy sci-fi shows, he recommends Farscape and Stargate SG-1. The quote he finds most inspiring is, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Unknown. 

Laura Szemereta 

Loan Officer

Laura may be our newest Loan Officer, but she is no stranger to GoPrime! She worked with us as a Real Estate Agent quite often and was always impressed by our processes and customer service. Her entrance into the mortgage industry was a natural progression from her eight year long real estate career. She had always been interested in money and finance, so when she was ready for a change, she decided that being a Loan Officer would be the best fit. She loves working closely with homebuyers to give great service and get them ready for the homebuying process. Outside of work, Laura enjoys going out to eat, travelling, and exercising. She also loves spending time with her friends and family. She strives to make her community better by helping wherever help is needed and focusing on raising good children that will also be positive and contributing members of society. She is most proud of the family that she and her husband have created and raised together. She is also proud of herself for changing careers when her kids started school and being quite successful at it. Her favorite quote is, “comparison is the thief of joy,” which was said by President Theodore Roosevelt. She says to start every day with a grateful heart!