Say HELLO to our newest Spring hires!

Elaine Rios
Loan Officer

As a native New Yorker Elaine relocated to North Carolina over 22 years ago. She got involved in the real estate and mortgage industry in 2004 with the drive to help others. Beginning as a real estate agent and coming from a family of bankers and finance, she soon realized her best efforts in supporting her customers would be better served by assisting them even further with the financing aspect of their home purchase.

Now with six years of experience under her belt in a loan officer position Elaine continues to thrive. She is driven by the satisfaction gained from helping homebuyers on their road home finding creative solutions for each unique situation.  Recognizing the potential stress that the home loan process presents to many potential homebuyers, Elaine works hard to educate and simplify the steps along the way.

She loves guiding people with their financial decisions when financing their home in what is likely going to be one of the largest investments they ever make. She is proud to maintain a strong ethical stature, always doing what is in the best interest of her clients.

Outside of work Elaine says her greatest accomplishment is raising a magnificent son as a single parent. He has served our country for nine years, has a beautiful wife, one child, and another on the way. During her real estate and mortgage tenure, Elaine has held community involvement with the Chamber of Commerce, Business and Professional Women’s Association, American Cancer Society, Southern Middle School tutoring, the Boys and Girls Club Revitalization Program, City of Robbins Rebuild/Restore Program, and the Miss Noel Pageant Scholarship Program. In her free time she enjoys reading, cooking, spending time with her family, and looks forward to fulfilling her goal of visiting all 34 North Carolina State Parks.

Darya Cohn
Loan Officer Assistant

Darya is married to Adam Cohn, a very busy and successful mortgage lender, and felt the draw to join his business when she saw how hard working he was. She joined the team as his loan officer assistant last year, and has since been kept very occupied with her position. She loves learning new things, and found that the ever changing mortgage industry continually provides new opportunities to grow and learn.

As her position involves consistently contacting potential buyers, she feels driven by the chance to make personal connections to each client. She loves finding individuals that seek guidance, and feels a great sense of accomplishment in guiding them on their road home. She is a big list-maker, and thrives off the moments she is able to cross something off her list!

Darya is happy to join the GoPrime family, as her husband previously worked here and had nothing but positive things to say about the company. She saw firsthand how GoPrime treated their employees, and especially loved that the company was more than just a place to work and run away from at the end of the day. The employees really enjoy working here and find the environment more like that of a family than a cold office. She is delighted to join a team where people genuinely care about each other.

Outside of work, Darya is passionate about minimalism and environmental conservation. She recycles everything, and encourages lifestyles focused on less consumption leading to less garbage pollution. She loves to read all sorts of books, and gains positive energy from going for long walks enjoying the nature around her.

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”
            Omar Khayyam

Dakota Adams
Loan Officer

Dakota joins GoPrime as our newest loan originator, transferring to our team with over 10 years of experience in the real estate industry working with property investments and management. She enjoyed helping clients find their dream homes, but found that she actually preferred working behind the scenes to secure clients’ financing. She is passionate about helping buyers understand and utilize the generational wealth achieved through home buying and they can pass that down to their children for a head start in their lives.

Dakota loves building relationships with her clients and other realtors. Through personal conversations she is able to gain a clear understanding of their goals and hopes for the future, which equips her with necessary knowledge so clients reach their desired goals. She deeply appreciates the opportunity she has to become a trusted friend and advisor, all at the same time. Knowing that Dakota truly values client needs and takes the time to get to know their situations personally has helped her to form lasting relationships with her clients and coworkers alike. Proving herself as a reliable, accessible resource through the mortgage journey has allowed her to create outside the box solutions to fit each client’s needs.

For 15 years, Dakota has enjoyed a side gig as a professional photographer. She attained a degree in civil engineering from the University of Miami, and loves to spend time traveling with her children. She is involved with her church as a photographer, and loves to meet new people and learn about new cultures. She also has a passion for animals, and fosters homeless animals while they look for their new, forever home.

Lauren Franklin
Loan Officer

Lauren comes from a family ingrained in the housing industry: both of her parents are actually real estate agents! After years of watching their fulfillment working with others to find homes, Lauren was drawn to get involved with the industry herself. The opportunity to help others navigate big life decisions of the buying, selling, and refinancing journey attracted her to the loan origination sector. After witnessing the connection that mortgages had with the real estate industry she was familiar with, she decided to jump in headfirst and make a career change.

As a fresh face in the industry, Lauren is excited to start work at GoPrime to assist homebuyers on their road home. She is passionate about helping individual buyers learn about their personal, financial, and long-term goals. She is looking forward to the flexibility that a loan officer position provides, as she can see herself being more available to her clients wherever she is.

Recently, Lauren trained and competed in a 50k race. The training was so hard that once she crossed the finish line, she hasn’t run for fun since! Instead, she has transitioned her fitness routine to the CrossFit gym, and loves to participate in workouts and boxing classes with her friends. She also enjoys attending baseball games with her family, spending time with her husband, and soaking up the sun outside with a good book.

Jorge Vasquez
Loan Officer Assistant

After breaking into the mortgage industry seven months ago, Jorge discovered his passion for the job and began his career as a loan officer assistant, with the goal of graduating to a position as a loan officer. He is excited to join GoPrime, as he’s seen the way that the company supports and cares about their clients and employees as if they were family. After working remotely, he was eager to join a local lender near his clients in the Raleigh-Durham area. He loves the idea of being physically near his homebuyers to create and maintain personal relationships with them.

Jorge loves helping people, and feels that the journey towards homeownership is not just an unattainable dream, but a realistic goal for many people. He looks forward to guiding homebuyers on their road home by explaining the process in a clear, concise way.

Fluent in Spanish, Jorge especially likes working with the Latino community in North Carolina. His social media accounts feature numerous interviews with police officers, doctors, immigration attorneys, and law attorneys with the purpose of assisting the community around him. This led to a realized need for education surrounding the mortgage process. He sees many people struggling to understand the steps they need to take to start the process towards homeownership, and looks forward to helping clients see the possibility of achieving their dreams.

Outside of his work in the mortgage industry and Latino community, Jorge is a vibrant radio personality. Starting when he was 17 years old in his home country of El Salvador his passion for the hobby grew, and he continued to work in radio in Raleigh for seven more years. He enjoys motorcycle track racing, target shooting, riding his Harley, and spending time with his wife Gigi and their five-pound Yorkie named Tobby.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”
            Walt Disney

Megan Tucker
Loan Officer

Coming to GoPrime with extensive knowledge and experience in the banking industry, Megan decided to pivot her focus from general finance to the specialized focus of mortgages. She has enjoyed working with clients and helping to guide them to not even develop goals but actually meet them. She loves walking through the process of procuring a mortgage loan and explaining it in a digestible and understandable way.

Now four years into her career as a Loan Officer Megan continues to thrive traveling on the road home with her clients. She recognizes the dream of homeownership and not only strives to guide her homebuyers to fulfill this vision but also enjoys assisting her referral partners reach their goals as well.

Megan is happily married to a retired US Army Veteran and has two daughters under 10, three dogs, and one cat – talk about a full house! In her rare spare time, she enjoys gardening, leading a Daisy Girl Scout troop, and spending time outside with her family. They enjoy taking their camper to new places and going on adventures.

Jennifer Hamby
Loan Officer Assistant

Jennifer Hamby is a first-time loan officer assistant who joined GoPrime to break into the mortgage industry, and is so excited to start her journey helping homebuyers on their road home. She has over 10 years of customer service and management experience, and is eager to put those skills to use working with clients. During her years at First Hawaiian Bank she found a passion for the financial industry which eventually led her to the world of mortgage loans.

When she first heard about GoPrime, she made sure to do her research, and was very encouraged to see that we are veteran-owned and operated. Having been raised in a military family and having a husband who worked in the Air Force for four years, she felt immediately that it would be a great fit for her. She feels motivated to grow personal relationships with prospective homebuyers and work closely with them to find the loan product that fits their unique needs and helps them to accomplish their goals.

In her time away from work, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband and six-year-old daughter. You can find her binging the latest Netflix series that catches her eye with some of her closest friends. She loves hosting parties, and is passionate about music.

This year she hopes to join her brother volunteering at Care Cuts, an organization that focuses on helping the homeless with free haircuts, clean clothes, and a path towards sobriety.

“You never would have thought in the end how amazing it feels just to live again.”

            The Used

DeAnn Lang
Loan Officer Assistant

DeAnn joins GoPrime as our newest loan officer assistant. She worked in this position at a credit union for over five years, and comes with a wealth of mortgage knowledge. Prior to working there, she was employed at a financial institution since 2004, and has always felt the pull towards working in the mortgage industry. Once she was hired as a sales assistant for the investment department in 2015, she finally found herself working for a company with a local mortgage department. This presented her with the opportunity to break into the market she’d been eyeing up for several years.

DeAnn has a passion for helping people, and she believes that the purchase of a home is the most important transaction someone will make in their lifetime. She aims to work closely with her clients to make the process as seamless as possible by providing easy to understand information and consistent support along the way.

When she is not working to get clients into their dream homes, DeAnn enjoys reading, relaxing, and practicing yoga. 

Randy Kopf
Loan Officer

With 23 years of experience in loan origination and practicing law, Randy comes to GoPrime with a wealth of knowledge. His vast legal and origination background helps him tremendously to provide superior customer service to his clients. He prides himself in being available to answer any questions that arise throughout the loan process. He works hard to understand each client’s unique needs and goals and work with them to find a solution that fits their needs.

Randy recognizes homeownership as a wonderful milestone and loves to walk with his homebuyers on their road home. Outside of work, he loves all sports and attending or watching games. He values the relationships he has built through his work and continues to keep in touch with his partners and coworkers.

Adam R. Cohn
Branch Manager

Adam grew up on Long Island, NY and has been working in the mortgage industry for 15 years. He relishes helping first-time homebuyers find their dream home and fulfill their goal of homeownership. He is skilled in guiding and educating his clients, from first timers to seasoned investors. Originally entering the business after recognizing a need for improvement in a sometimes cluttered and confusing atmosphere he has found his passion guiding his clients on their road home.

Throughout his career thus far Adam has been able to grow and adapt along with a constantly changing industry by moving into new markets and replicating his successful system to close loans with his realtor partners. He has now successfully brought thousands of homebuyers to the closing table and worked with several unique scenarios that have positioned him to be a great loan officer to work with.

In his time outside of work Adam loves to spend time outdoors in nature hiking and spending time with his son Baron. He also is a big car enthusiast – with a special place in his heart for Ford Mustangs.

Daniel Miller
Loan Officer

Daniel grew up with a father who was passionate about his work in the mortgage industry as it gave him a sense of pride to help others in the community. This was passed onto Daniel at a young age, after briefly working in a corporate job after college he achieved his dream of working as a loan officer.

Now two years into his career, Daniel finds the same sense of fulfillment working with others to help them achieve their goal of homeownership. Whether it is a first-time purchase or a refinance, Daniel loves working with his clients to set and meet their personal goals. He is especially proud of originating over $45 million in volume during his first calendar year as a loan officer.

In his time away from work, Daniel enjoys spending time with his family and friends, trying new restaurants, going to the gym, and cheering on Duke basketball.  

Danny Davis
Loan Officer

Growing up with a penchant for crunching numbers, when Danny learned from a family member about being a loan officer he knew it was the job for him. Starting in a processor role for two years, he was excited to move into a loan officer position in 2005. In both 2020 and 2021 he was awarded a Diamond Award Winner by Gold Star Mortgage for reaching $80,000,000 in closed loans each year!

Danny finds pride and satisfaction helping his clients to set and achieve their financial goals through homeownership. He recognizes that each client comes from a unique situation and takes the time necessary to learn about each one to find a fit that works for them.

A proud #GirlDad, Danny loves to spend time with his two daughters, Avery and Taylor, and his wife Alex. He also graduated from and played football at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and is still an avid fan to this day!