New Name, Continued Best-in-Class Service

New Name, Continued Best-in-Class Service

More homeowners will enjoy the benefits of superior service and a focus on their community.

We are going through some exciting changes. Effective June 1, 2019, we officially became GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. This name change allows for our company to be one united front under one name. In this change, we are actively making improvements to ensure we continue to make our customers’ dreams of home-ownership a reality and serve our community.

What’s Changing

In addition to our name change, we are updating several aspects of our client-facing systems, including:

  • Logo: though our iconic “P” remains, our new logo reflects our fresh look and a new name.
  • Website: a fresh new look is great, but beyond that our site is more user-friendly, with great information you need to make informed decisions. We clearly explain different loan types, and you can quickly locate one of our highly qualified brokers in any of the 30 states we proudly serve.
  • Social Media: another key part of our strategy to ensure greater communication to the public about how we are impacting our community and to encourage interaction between our team and our clients.

Our rebranding efforts are all part of our goal of providing best-in-class service. We have grown quite a bit over several years, and we expect to see this trend continue. We are looking ahead to anticipate our customers’ needs and creating a structure that will support our continued growth.

What’s Not Changing

Firstly, our commitment to you is not changing. We still work hard to bring tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. And we want to help you on “your path home.”

Our mission statement is also remaining unchanged. Through our dedication to service, innovation, teamwork, and accountability, we sell more than a product or service – we empower our customers to feel a sense of pride that comes with home-ownership and financial stability.

Standing Out to Serve Our Customers

Our overall goal with this rebranding is to continue to stand out. This is important because we want you—our customer—to see how hard we will work for you. We know there are a lot of options when it comes to finding a mortgage broker. But we are confident that we have the solution you are looking for. We pride ourselves on delivering unrivaled service and dedication. Whether you have been a customer for years, or you are just beginning your journey for your first home, we can’t wait to work with you.

About GoPrime Mortgage

Since 2005, GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. has provided best-in-class mortgage service and products with a focus on local service and community engagement. Headquartered in Apex, N.C., GoPrime’s company culture has contributed to steady growth and profitability in an otherwise turbulent industry. Veteran-owned and led by an award-winning executive leadership team, GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. is an agile business with long-term, dedicated employees who focus every day on service, innovation, teamwork, and accountability. Helping customers enjoy the pride that comes with homeownership and financial stability, GoPrime serves individuals and communities in 30 states across the country. For more information, please visit