Introducing the newest members of the GoPrime family!

Amy Round
Compliance Associate

As our new Compliance hire, Amy comes to GoPrime with over 20 years of customer service experience and working with large teams. She was drawn to GoPrime and this position because she is excited to start a career in the mortgage industry. She is quick-to-learn, ambitious, and passionate about working with both internal and external teams to get the job done. She feels fulfilled when helping people set and accomplish their goals.

Amy personally knows employees at GoPrime, and has heard nothing but positive feedback and information regarding the company. She knows that the company puts their people first and takes the time to make sure everyone knows they are a valued part of the team. She was drawn to the close-knit, family-like culture that is cultivated at GoPrime, and in her short tenure so far, she has truly felt this firsthand. She loves the teamwork that is presented and is encouraged by the warm welcome that her team has given her since the beginning – she already feels a part of the group.

When she isn’t working, Amy loves to spend time with her husband and three children – including a four-legged child! She enjoys golfing and exercising – basically any excuse to spend time outdoors. She is also involved with a local women’s shelter and the local LGBTQ+ chapter/community through PFlag. She finds great happiness in working with LGBTQ+ teens and young adults.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage that counts.”
            – Winston S. Churchill

Rob McCarroll
Loan Officer

Coming to GoPrime with more than 20 years in the computer technology space helping clients achieve business growth and success, Rob moved with his family to the Raleigh/Durham area in 2005, and settled into their new home in Cary, NC. Robert earned his undergrad at California Polytechnic in Engineering and a MBA through University of California, Irvine. Witnessing the rapid growth and integration of technology in financial products and services, he was drawn to learn how recent technological advancements provide amazing benefits to clients. The more integrated he became in the landscape the more he saw the opportunity to use these developments to help clients get the best financial products and services. Rob understood the need to give clients an optimal understanding of how to incorporate technology with financial offerings to help his clients.

Through his experience utilizing loan products since the purchase of his first home in the 90s, Rob feels he gained extensive knowledge of the industry. He has now trained and earned the ability to be on the other side of the desk, and cannot wait to assist others on their personal home-ownership journeys. The most thrilling moment for Rob is when he helps the light bulb go off for clients, knowing this means that they truly understand how they can benefit and grow financial stability. He feels grateful to be able to lead them to the finish line by proposing options that fit their lifestyle and needs. Rob doesn’t view business as a typical client/lender relationship, but rather, a partnership from beginning to end.

Rob and his wife Ann have raised their two beautiful, intelligent daughters from grade school through college in North Carolina. They enjoy spending time outdoors as much as possible, engaging in activities such as hiking, mountain biking, riding motorcycles, golfing, and playing tennis. They also are very involved in their church community.

Rasheal Banguela
Human Resources Manager

Our newest hire Rasheal Banguela, is an US Army brat who moved around quite a bit while growing up, finally landing in West Palm Beach, Florida. Now 30 years later, she and her husband have grown their pack by two daughters, and three maniacal Bichon Frise dogs.

New to the mortgage industry, Rasheal has worked in Human Resources for over 20 years, starting in beverage distribution at Anheuser Busch, and then into the automotive industry. She encountered a great deal of change and growth and enjoyed helping her coworkers and the company navigate those changes. She found value in sharing ideas, facilitating problem-solving, and advocating for both management and employees.

Rasheal saw the posting at GoPrime and was attracted to the opportunity to get back into a job working with people and helping an organization. She was especially attracted to the sense of family and commitment that GoPrime has with employees. She loves working in Human Resources because she can make a positive impact on people.

Outside of her career, Rasheal enjoys spending time engaging in activities with her daughters, cuddling with her rambunctious pups, watching movies, and attending concerts. She is involved in various beach cleanup efforts and has been a participant in several Habitat for Humanity events.

“Fate leads the willing and drags along the reluctant”
            – Seneca