Introducing Jamie Rainey

Welcome to another Loan Officer Spotlight! This week, we are thrilled to introduce you to the one and only Jamie Rainey. She is a Loan Officer at our Bozeman, Montana Branch.  Jamie has been with us at GoPrime for just over a year now, but she has been working in the mortgage business since 2012. Caroline Roy, branch manager, approached her about joining her team last year. Jaime and Caroline got along wonderfully, and Jamie felt more at home with the GoPrime Bozeman team, so she decided to make the move. She says that it was the best decision ever!

Prior to entering the mortgage industry, Jamie worked in bank operations for five years. Near the end of those five years, she found herself in need of some change. She had always thought that real estate would be fun, so she convinced her bank president to hire her as a processor. She learned the ropes in that position and then moved on to another bank. She eventually became a processing supervisor and trainer. She also took on the roles of closer and funder. Being a processing supervisor, she was also licensed and able to act as a Loan Officer. Jamie says she fell into the business and never left.

With a degree in Dietetics, Jamie’s background is in food and nutrition. However, towards the end of her senior year in college, she realized that it wasn’t fiscally wise for her to follow that career path. Instead, she stayed on at the bank, found the mortgage industry, and the rest is history.

Jamie says that her greatest strengths when it comes to being a Loan Officer are her senses of urgency, organization, resourcefulness, and creativity. Her favorite part about what she does is getting to know her clients. She thinks of them as her friends and wants to help every family in the best way possible.

Jamie is very active in her community. Not only does she volunteer at her local food bank, but she also volunteers as a mentor for children through a local non-profit. She has two kids of her own, Camryn and Ryan, as well as a husband, Luke, that all keep her busy at home. Together they love to go fishing, running, and hiking. As for her own hobbies, Jamie loves to exercise. She is a runner, weightlifter, and yogi. The gym and trails are her happy places. She also loves to cook and experiment with new recipes. She is gluten and dairy intolerant which makes baking a challenge, but she says she can bake a mean cupcake!

As for what helped her get through the pandemic, Jamie cited her family, God, and her work. Being as busy as she was last year made it so she didn’t have much time for anything else.

Jamie, thank you for all your hard work and dedication! We are so lucky to have you as part of our team. Keep up the great work!