Introducing Brent Mullins

Welcome back to yet another Loan Officer Spotlight! This week, we are so excited to introduce you to Brent Mullins of our Sanford, NC office! Brent has been with us at GoPrime for quite some time now. He started back in September of 2013, which means that this coming September will mark 8 years with the company for Brent. Not only is 8 years how long Brent has been with GoPrime, but it is also how long he has been working in the mortgage industry all together. Brent was offered an opportunity to be a Loan Officer in the Sanford office along with Jim Bussey. Upon acceptance of this opportunity, the two started on the same day as a team and still work together in that same office today. 

While in college as well as some time after graduation, Brent worked in commercial sales in the Automotive industry. It was there that he was able to hone a lot of his interpersonal and sales skills. He wanted to find a career path where he could use those skills and really take his career to the next level. He began seeking out his next challenge and passion, and then he found GoPrime. The company was looking for someone to fill a position in the newly started Sanford branch, and Brent was just the person. When speaking about getting the job at GoPrime, Brent said, “Peanut Butter and Jelly could not have even been a better fit!” We tend to agree!

Brent’s favorite part about what he does is helping families make their real estate dreams come true. He also loves helping borrowers get approved even when everybody else has told them no. He believes that his biggest strength when it comes to his job is communication. He went on to explain that “Keeping clients informed and keeping agents informed is paramount. Clients and Agents appreciate you and your efforts if they understand the challenges and wins during the process of the loan.”

When not working, Brent most enjoys spending time with his friends and family. He also stated that he very much enjoys relaxing and “ruffing” around with the family dog. When asked about what has been helping get him through the pandemic, his first statement was, “my wife, duh!” 

Brent loves sharing his experiences and journey of becoming a Loan Officer with others and encourages anyone to reach out and have a conversation about becoming a Loan Officer. He is “happy to help anyone join and grow with us!”

Thank you, Brent, for all your hard work! Keep it up! To learn more about Brent and to get in contact with him, please visit!