How to Stay Active While Social Distancing

In recent weeks, more Americans than ever before have started working remotely! Working from home can be quite an adjustment, especially for those of us used to traveling to and from work every day! Below are a few tips to remain active and connected to friends and loved ones, despite the current need for social distancing: 

ONE: Spring Cleaning – Longer days and warmer weather means that Spring has sprung! Good Housekeeping has created the “Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning,” which includes tips on cleaning everything from your microwave, to cookware, kitchen cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and more! 

If the thought of deep cleaning your entire home at once is overwhelming, start with 10-15 minutes per day or work through one room at a time. Soon enough, you’ll have cleaned your entire home from top to bottom! 

Tip: Doormats collect an overwhelming amount of dirt and germs. Hose off any outdoor doormats and allow them to air dry. Make sure to wash and/or vacuum all indoor doormats. 
Tip: Does your kitchen sink omit an unpleasant odor? If so, try running a few lemon peels through the disposal followed by cold running water. 
Tip: If your cutting boards are stained and dirty, clean them using the cut side of a lemon. 

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TWO: Organize a Netflix Watch Party – If you’re interested in connecting with friends and family, organize a Netflix Watch Party and binge watch all your favorite shows together! 

The process is simple: 

Step One: Install Netflix Party on your desktop or laptop ( 
Step Two: Open the video you want to watch!
Step Three: Create a party by clicking “NP,” followed by “Start Party.” 
Step Four: Invite your friends to the party, by sharing the URL!  

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THREE: Participate in a Social Media Challenge – Keep yourself busy by participating in the latest social media challenges and nominate others to do the same! One of the most popular challenges at the moment is the “see 10, give 10” push-up challenge, whereby a person is filmed doing 10 push-ups and then nominates several friends to complete the challenge. In this case, you’re staying busy and increasing your exercise at the same time! 

FOUR: Download a Stress Management App – If you’re feeling stressed and anxious these days, you’re not alone! Download a stress management app such as Calm or Headspace to enjoy a guided meditation exercise, listen to relaxing music, etc. It’s important during times of uncertainty to take good care of ourselves not just physically, but emotionally as well!