Get Out with the Family in Sanford, North Carolina

Choosing where to settle your family doesn’t involve just your home and immediate neighborhood; it involves the entire surrounding community as a whole. For this reason, it’s important to consider kid-friendly activities in the local area that are worth exploring. We’ve compiled the list below to give you an idea of what options Sanford offers to families!

Aloha Safari Zoo

This zoo’s mission is to rescue animals in need. Lee Crutchfield, his family, and a small team of dedicated individuals work non-stop to provide a sanctuary where animals can live peacefully. They house over 400 animals of various species, from monkeys, antelope, and lemurs, to ostriches, capybara, and zebras! The zoo is set on a whopping 60 acres of land and has been open to the public since January of 2010. Many of this zoo’s residents were retrieved from poor living situations and given a new lease on life as the center worked diligently to address the animals’ various health needs. Aloha Safari Zoo aims to open the minds of children and adults alike by introducing them to their rescued animals and awakening the sense of wonder surrounding them.

Animal Ed.Ventures Sanctuary

Animal Ed.Ventures is a Wildlife Sanctuary turned “Peace-Park-For-All.” They work tirelessly to fight against Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD) and Inter-Social Degradation Disease (ISDD). They invite visitors to disconnect themselves from technology and reconnect with nature and each other. They provide onsite education, inspiration, and connection while networking with facilities worldwide. They consult on animal husbandry, proper animal handling, and critical aspects of conservation for all species. They feature USDA-licensed educational programs for participants of all ages, and happily provide safe interaction with kid-friendly, people-loving cats and rescue dogs that roam the property.

Hawk Manor Falconry

Hawk Manor is a company whose foundation was built upon and remains to be the oldest sport known to man: falconry. Falconry is the art/sport of training and hunting with birds of prey. They offer programs for every age and interest level, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy on their visit. Experiences include falconry, guided hunts, educational programs, team building/corporate events, and even weddings! Recently they began offering private experiences for those who would prefer to bond with just their friends, family, and of course, a falcon!

Temple Theatre

Temple Theatre originally opened its doors back in 1925. After a few makeovers, one closure, and one huge restoration, Temple continues to provide professional, high-quality productions all year round. Along with productions, they offer numerous youth opportunities, and a myriad of special events. This theatre is a great option for a fun family night out, or a source of exciting activities for kids to enjoy.

Marbles Kids Museum

Established in 2007, Marbles encourages kids 10 and under to use their minds to learn new things through the spirit of imagination, discovery, and play. This vibrant destination provides hands-on learning for children and their families. They serve a diverse population of families, school groups, and community organizations with dozens of themed exhibits, daily programs, summer camps, IMAX educational and feature films, and several special events year-round.

Galaxy Fun Park

Galaxy Fun Park was launched in 2016 and has already taken the neighborhood by storm. As a privately owned company, you are choosing to support a local family’s business when coming here for a fun day. The Fun Park boasts 60,000 square feet of indoor family fun, including trampolines, go-karts, laser tag, ropes courses, spin zone bumper cars, black light putt-putt golf, and even a café and bar!

Treasure Quest Mining

If you are looking to experience something for the first time as a family, this is a great spot to start. Treasure Quest Mining is an award-winning indoor gem mining experience and prehistoric gift shop. Enjoy searching for treasure using their indoor sluice in a climate-controlled, accessible setting, or explore their incredible gift shop packed full of authentic fossils, gems, crystals, mineral specimens, jewelry, and dinosaur-themed toys.