5 Signs of a Great Neighborhood

It is easy in the house hunt to get hung up on the house itself. Homebuyers can become hyper focused on specific features of the home and fail to consider the bigger picture, such as the property it’s located on and the surrounding areas. You can find the perfect house, but if it’s not in the right location it can become a purchase you regret down the line. Look for these signs of a great neighborhood while house hunting, and ensure you love both your new home and where it is located.

Well Maintained Homes

One of the biggest indicators of a great neighborhood is how well the homes are maintained. Look for signs of homes that are being consistently cared for. Some examples include siding that is in good condition, roofs with no obvious signs of disrepair, and updated windows. This may feel like nitpicking, but it shows how invested homeowners are in their properties. Pride of ownership is a strong indicator of a great neighborhood.

Attractive Curb Appeal

The way people take care of their landscaping reflects what type neighborhood it is. Lawns that are neatly manicured and curb appeal that is not neglected show that the neighborhood is filled with homeowners that truly value where they live. The neighborhood does not need to look like a high end golf resort, but it should be well maintained.

School District

School districts are one of the biggest selling points for prospective buyers. This can be a make it or break it factor for many families looking for a new home. Whether or not you are concerned with the schools in the area, it is important to keep this in mind as the school district can be a big deterrent when you are eventually looking to sell. Look online to verify what schools the address is zoned for and see what type of ratings and reviews they have. 


There is a sense of community and belonging when you can open your front door and comfortably walk around your neighborhood. When viewing houses, look to see if people are out riding bikes with their kids or walking their dogs. Some signs of a neighborhood with great walkability are well maintained sidewalks, street lighting, and roads that are kept relatively clear of vehicles and personal property.

Distance to Amenities

There are many things you can change about a house’s structure, but the physical location is not one of them. A good neighborhood is one that is conveniently located to the amenities people in your city and price point are looking for. Consider the distance to major highways for commuting as well as the distance to various grocery stores, restaurants, and retail facilities. Conversely, be aware of how loud road noise may be if you are directly next to a major throughway. Are buyers in your area looking for a remote escape or a safe haven within close distance to everything they need?

Finding the right neighborhood is an important part of finding a home that you can be happy in for years to come. It also affects the resale value of the home over time. When looking to buy a house, make a list of not only the features you’d like in a house, but also the type of attributes you are looking for in a neighborhood.