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North Carolina Homebuyer Limits Update!

July 6, 2023

Starting July 3rd, new income and sales price limits have taken effect for the North Carolina 1st Home Advantage (the $15,000 DPA), Mortgage Credit Certificate, and North Carolina Home Advantage (no DPA and 3% DPA) programs.

Benefits of Becoming a Homeowner

June 6, 2023

Given the fluctuating (and current!) housing market, it’s sometimes easy to wonder “Is it worth it to buy a house?” As we celebrate Homeownership Month, let’s take some time to go over some of the positive outcomes associated with owning a home.

How Gardening Can Increase Your Home Value

May 9, 2023

The first impression a buyer sees is the exterior of the home – especially the yard. Some landscaping investments can increase your home’s value, while some may not be worth the hassle. Learn more about what projects to invest your time and money into, and how to maintain all your hard work.

Milestones in the Mortgage Process

April 25, 2023

We understand that the thought of a home purchase or loan refinance process can seem daunting. GoPrime prides ourselves on matching you with a local lender that takes the time to get to know you and your individual needs, but it’s also smart to start the journey as educated and prepared as possible.

Is Now the Right Time to Buy a Home?

April 3, 2023

Is now the right time to buy a home? It is important you are in a position where purchasing a home is beneficial to you and your finances. Purchasing readiness can boil down to a few key points, and these are some to consider.

how to maintain your credit

How to Maintain and Protect Your Credit

March 24, 2023

At GoPrime Mortgage, Inc., we understand that applying for a mortgage may cause stress and confusion. Protecting and maintaining your credit score during the preparation and application stages is important to ensure you receive competitive credit terms.

Enjoy Your Spring Break! Ideas for Destinations and Staycations

March 8, 2023

Spring Break provides students with a bit of reprieve from their hectic schedules and obligations before finals and the last half of the school year. We’re going to dig into this tradition, why it’s important, and share some ideas for how to spend the time with your family in a fun and nurturing way.

Staying Happy and Healthy in Colder Months

Staying Happy and Healthy in Colder Months

February 20, 2023

You may be a fan of the colder weather or despise the dipping temperatures. Driving people indoors to stay cozy and warm can have upsides, like more family time, or downsides, like going stir-crazy. That doesn’t mean there aren’t still fun indoor and outdoor activities. Check out some of these ideas to maintain morale and stay active in the colder, shorter months.

Loan Officer Spotlight – Shannon Sweatt

February 6, 2023

Shannon serves her customers with compassion, integrity, and tenacity. Her drive to go above and beyond her regular duties as a Loan Officer helps her clients achieve financial success within their situation and circumstances.

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