Renee Deal

Renee Deal

Loan Officer
NMLS #1248751
Office: 919-297-2917
Mobile: 919-297-2917
Serving in NC
Branch: Cameron

Meet Renee

Renee had worked in the banking industry for 10 years before deciding to pursue a career as a mortgage loan officer. From humble beginnings as a bank teller to earning a position as a branch manager, she has found a passion for adding a personal touch on financial transactions, making them more than just a monetary exchange.

Renee has experience in auto loans, personal loans, and home equity lines of credit, with special interest in HELOC loans. Renee has a vested interest in HELOC loans, because they allow her clients to consolidate debt and improve their current living situation. After embarking on her own first time home buying adventure, Renee gained an appreciation and excitement towards real estate. Her dissatisfaction with mortgage professionals during the home purchase process ignited her desire to provide others with a  personalized, enjoyable experience. She loves to help guide homebuyers through the process every step of the way, and ease clients’ fears by providing clear, concise, and transparent information. Renee believes that education is the most powerful tool a mortgage professional can provide to their clients.

In her career thus far as a loan officer, Renee has gained a reputation as a kind, knowledgeable, and helpful guide. Specializing in first time homebuyers, Renee takes special care to empathize with her clients and manage their expectations in preparation for each step in the process. She is especially eager to help with USDA and VA loans.

For Renee, the home buying process is a journey best traveled as a team, whether this is a client’s first home or their forever home. She is the loan officer who will share the feeling of pride and accomplishment alongside each client’s successful home purchase. Whether a client is seeking to accommodate a growing family, relocating to a new area, or a beginner in their home buying venture, Renee is committed to helping each client along the way.

When not in the office, Renee can often be found on the sidelines of her four children’s soccer or baseball games, cheering them on to victory. Her husband is a retired Army Sergeant, and they are passionately involved with helping disabled veterans. One unique tradition that Renee shares with her husband is trading traditional anniversary gifts with experiences – they alternate years surprising one another with spontaneous trips to new places. In her free time, Renee loves reading, shopping, boating, and fishing, and taking trips to the beach and the mountains.

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