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Jeff Statz

Branch Manager, Loan Officer

NMLS# 36442

Growing up on a dairy farm in central Wisconsin, Jeff was taught the value of strong work ethic from a very young age. He is ready and willing to work hard for his clients, helping home buyers achieve their goals and offer his expertise in finding and maintaining a home.

After his negative experience purchasing his first home, Jeff was inspired to become the kind of lender that would educate his clients, eliminating common mistakes by walking them through each step in the home buying process. He credits his experience as the necessary insight for understanding what creates a great lender, and realized his potential in the field of real estate finance. He has been assisting homebuyers for more than 15 years. Before transitioning to real estate finance, Jeff had a career in the insurance industry and worked as an in-house lender for a real estate broker.

Jeff knows that purchasing a home is a significant life event, and may very well be the biggest purchase many will make in their lifetime. He keeps this in mind as he works personally with clients to find the right program, tailor-made to fit their specific needs. Jeff prides himself in helping his clients achieve the success they seek, even where other lenders may have tried and failed. He recently assisted a couple who had been denied their VA loan, and when the process was complete, they stated that financing with him was “a dream come true.”

In his career, Jeff and his skilled team have helped hundreds of new and existing home buyers by giving each client’s story the special attention it deserves, proving his careful and precise process. His specialties are first time home buyers and government loans. Whether the client is seeking to purchase or refinance, Jeff and his team work diligently to make the process as smooth as possible, utilizing GoPrime’s advanced technology solutions such as the initial Smart Application, eSignatures, and hybrid eClosings.

Jeff enjoys adding a personal touch to his clients’ experience, actively listening to each clients’ varying situations and living preferences. Through his time with GoPrime, he often finds his clients surprised at the many options available to them, after receiving limited offerings at their local bank once pre-approved.

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