This is Daniel Priest’s Story

Daniel Priest is an exciting new addition to the GoPrime of West Asheville family. The best part about his job, he says, is the ability get out and meet people in the Asheville community, both buyers and realtors. He wants to integrate his work with GoPrime into his life in a way that creates balance and stability.


Meet Daniel Priest


Before joining GoPrime of West Asheville, Daniel lived in Florida where he studied English and Social Science at the University of Central Florida and then graduated with a master’s degree in Documentary Filmmaking from the University of Florida. After graduating, he joined a company called CustomPlay where his primary responsibilities were editing and researching movies, but he wore many hats.

After working there for 11 years, CustomPlay closed and Daniel decided to try something new. He didn’t want to sit behind a desk editing videos 40 hours a week. Mortgage lending felt like a natural fit to get him outside of the office and interacting with people.

Daniel and his wife discovered Asheville, NC, only a few years ago and, like many people, decided it was the home they were looking for. They moved here in 2017 and are excited for their young son to grow up in the mountains of Western North Carolina.



Today, he spends most of his time meeting with realtors and promoting himself as a great go-to resource for buyers in the area. He loves the idea that mortgage lending can offer a flexible lifestyle and the ability to create and bring in his own business.

He likes to work with clients new to the homebuying process. Remembering what it was like for his family, he can take his knowledge of the mortgage industry and make that process easier.



In this ever-changing industry, Daniel wants to continue to develop his knowledge and skills and be a resource for others in the Asheville area.

In GoPrime of West Asheville, he found a stable home and a great group of professionals. Here he can emphasize his desire to live a life where work and play are integrated.


Family, Adventure, and Animals

Outside of work, Daniel loves movies and is a self-described sci-fi nerd. He likes to read anything he can get his hands on from sci-fi comic books to non-fiction about history, philosophy, and psychology.

He loves traveling and live music, so he works hard to play hard when not on the job. His family loves animals and have rescued and fostered many over the years. He’s now embracing the outdoor fun that is so different in the mountains than it was in flat and coastal Florida.

Daniel also enjoys indulging his 4-year-old son’s current obsession with Toy Story, specifically Buzz Lightyear and Mr. Potato Head.

NMLS# 1695761

Daniel Priest

Loan Officer

Branch: West Asheville

Office Phone: 828-348-1907

Mobile: 828-423-4425

Serving: NC