Since becoming a Loan Officer in 2006, Carmen has utilized his various skill sets, problem solving abilities, initiative, and positive approach to provide high quality results for his clients. Carmen’s ability to simplify the mortgage process while maintaining high levels of customer service reflect his knowledge, experience, and work ethic.

As Area Manager/Loan Officer, Carmen uses his experience and skill set to help develop and educate his team. He keeps them up to date on current trends and processes in the mortgage industry. Sharing his experience with the team gives them insight on creative solutions for their clients’ mortgage needs. It also provides another perspective that can help them handle any unique situations that may come up.

Outside of the office Carmen has a diverse list of hobbies and interests. Carmen appreciates his time with family and friends. He loves to exercise and stays active by participating in water sports. He also enjoys playing and listening to music. You can find Carmen strumming his guitar whenever he gets a chance.

NMLS# 945589

Carmen Cipolone

Area Manager, Loan Officer

Branch: San Marcos, Haddonfield

Office Phone: 760-692-3655

Mobile: 570-764-1494

Serving: AZ, CA, CO, FL, NC, NJ, OH, PA, TX, WA