Finding Happiness in Simplicity: The Art of Hygge

Adapting small parts of a hygge lifestyle can make a huge difference. The key to hygge is simplicity, ease, contentment, and comfort. Don’t fill your home or your mind with clutter and opt to decorate with calming items that evoke positive memories or bring you joy.

What to Eat in July

July brings tons of foods in season, and lots of exciting ways to eat and prepare them. Read on to explore more of what’s in season and fun ideas to prepare them.

May is Home Remodeling Month!

Happy Home Remodeling Month! May is the unofficial kickoff to get started on your list of projects. Use this guide to plan out what to tackle and the steps to create a space you love!

Spring is Blooming!

Spring is the perfect time to start on those home renovations and updates you’ve been daydreaming about. Here are some tips and ideas to get you going!