Adam Van de Bovenkamp Announced as GoPrime Personality Winner

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GoPrime Personality Award

GoPrime Mortgage is excited to announce Adam Van de Bovenkamp as our GoPrime Personality Winner for this quarter. Each quarter we accept nominations from employees for who they feel have gone the extra mile for their team and the company. The winner is awarded $500 to donate to their favorite charity.

Adam is a highly praised Loan Officer Assistant in our Roseburg, Oregon branch. He has been nominated for his great personality, willingness to help other branches, and always being eager to learn. Adam has a lot on his plate, but continues to have an infectious attitude while tackling each task and adding humor to make the job fun. To get to know Adam better, we asked him some fun questions to share.

Quote about adam

What do you like most about working at GoPrime?

“I enjoy the first-name-level, personal environment and ease of reaching people within the organization. Having come from a previous experience at a different company, there you’re just a number within rigid/cold corporate culture, and don’t bother thinking outside the box. GoPrime is by far superior as a friendly “be-yourself” financial institution.”

What do you enjoy doing outside of the Mortgage Industry?

“Although I used to be an avid surfer, snowboarder, and traveler, after moving to Oregon and finally getting a rural property, I’ve channeled those passions into regenerative agriculture through farming and gardening. I love tending to our chickens, spending time training my Lab, Nico, building structures and gardens on the property, and growing a massive garden full of food, flowers, and herbs. Apart from that, I love to spend time in nature hiking, swimming, etc. I like speaking Spanish; I learned it when I studied abroad back in the day. I am also looking forward to the next season in life being a father. Our first child is on the way, due at the end of July.”

GoPrime Mortgage personality winner and his dogs

What organization did you select for your charitable donation?

“I chose the Umpqua Valley Farm to School. This organization works with schools in our county, providing hands-on garden and agricultural education to low-income students.  I was fortunate enough to grow up in a home with chickens and a garden in Los Angeles.  I don’t know who I’d be today if it weren’t for being around a garden and animals growing up. It’s super important, in my opinion, for kids to understand where their food comes from and what real food is. The lessons from gardening are a great metaphor for life: plant a seed, tend to it, and watch it grow. Reap what you sow and understand birth, life, death, and regeneration. Not to mention the possibility of learning to cook and build things with your hands!”

What is your favorite quote?

“Don’t gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold.”

What’s the best advice you have ever received?

“Take everything in moderation, including moderation.”

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