Jeff Statz

Loan Officer, NMLS ID#36442

Believe in a more intelligent loan process.

The days of the transactional mortgage loan officer are numbered. So too are the days of getting preapproved “up to” a maximum amount. A preapproval, much like a credit profile, is as unique as one’s fingerprint. A mortgage payment lasts a while, so know how it works. Only when the proposed scenario is understood, can the loan process begin.

All closed loans are kept “under management.” If a program is released that stands to benefit, both an email and phone call eventuates, ensuring optimal mortgage positioning. Creating savvy borrowers is integral in credit-driven industries and my favorite part of the job.


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  • We recently closed on our new house and I really enjoyed when the closing attorney said, “The cost for your mortgage were so low that I had to call them and double check.” Way to go Prime Mortgage

    Mr. Loftus
  • Timeliness in closing and providing detailed instructions during application process.

    Mr. Hernandez
  • Q: How could we improve our service? A: No need for improvement. Very satisfied.

    Pamela G.
MN License #MN-MO-69551 WI License #69551BA